Support Local Families at the Ardmore Food Drive!

Every Saturday since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, rain or shine or snowstorm, members of Ardmore United Methodist Church have held an outdoor food drive from 10 AM – 12 PM in the large circular driveway in front of the church. We invite you to don your favorite face mask – safety is a priority – and join in to help support local families struggling to put food on the table. Anything you contribute will make a real difference!

Please bring unexpired packaged food (in cans, boxes, bags, etc.) that can be fairly easily prepared. Condiments and shelf-stable bottled beverages also welcome. New toiletries and products such as toilet paper, paper towels, tampons/pads, diapers, wet wipes, shampoo, and other basic supplies so many of us take for granted in our day to day lives are also appreciated. (Our general rule of thumb is that if you’re wondering if you can donate something not listed here, chances are very good the answer is “yes”! You should have seen all of the glorious turkeys at our pre-Thanksgiving drive!)

After the drive we deliver everything to a nearby food bank, where demand remains more than double that of pre-pandemic levels. Many of us have done just fine financially during COVID, but all too many in our community are not as fortunate. We estimate that since the drive began in May 2020, several thousand local families struggling economically have benefitted from the generosity of our incredible community. Every single donation matters! Whether you’re able to contribute a few items or a bag full – there is no minimum or maximum – we (and the wonderful folks the drive serves) so appreciate your support.

If you’d like to donate but can’t make the weekly Saturday drive, would like to make a cash donation, or have any questions, please email Lauren at [email protected].

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