Getting ready for a new school year can be exciting – a fresh start with new teachers, classmates and skills to learn. But switching from summer mode to having a full-on schedule can also be quite overwhelming. Check out what you need to know to stay organized at the start of a new school year!


Before you head to the store (or hop online) to go back-to-school shopping, go through your child’s closet and any dresser drawers to make sure they’re organized.

Make a pile of any outgrown clothes to store away until you can hand-them-down to your younger kids, or donate them.

It’s a good idea to get your child involved in the process so they can try on anything you might be unsure about – it’s crazy how much they can grow over the summer months! It will also teach them the process, so as they get older, they can eventually do it all by themselves.

Once you’ve gone through everything, take an inventory of what items your child has, and note where you need to fill in the holes with new purchases.


Grab a list of the required/recommended school supplies from your school and take it with you while you shop. It will help keep you (and more importantly, your kids!) on track, and you can cross off items as you work through the store, or your online order.

If you see a great deal on a much-used supply (think markers, glue sticks, etc.), grab a few extra to have in stock for when they inevitably run low.


Once you’ve completed your back-to-school shopping, work with your child (or have them do this independently depending on their age) to plan out their “First Day” outfit, and ideally several more to cover the entire first week back.

We suggest labeling outfits for each day with a simple sticky-note and placing them in a drawer, or using one of these cool hanging organizers. Include any accessories like socks, hair bows or jewelry.

Just make sure you double check the weather forecast a few days before school starts to ensure you’ve planned appropriate clothing and footwear each day.

This will not only help your child get ready faster in the morning, but can stop any potential struggle/battles over what they can or cannot wear to school.

The first week can be stressful and hectic for all involved, so the more you can do to plan ahead, the better.


If your children are also starting extra-curricular activities, organize their equipment and make sure you don’t need to order anything in the next size up. As kids grow, they’ll need larger equipment like soccer/basketballs, baseball bats/gloves, plus helmets and footwear like cleats or dance shoes which are usually out-grown from season to season.

We love the idea of printing out a photo of what your child will need for each after-school activity so they can reference it and pack up their own activity bags. Even the youngest kids can match-up items and think it’s so fun!


Once school and activities are in full swing, it’s more important than ever to keep everyone in your family on the same page. Setting up a large calendar in an often-viewed space (think kitchen or mudroom) can help you keep track of everyone’s schedule, activities (even if it’s just Zoom calls!) and holidays.

We suggest using a different colored marker for each family member, so it’s easy for them to take a quick look at what they have going on that day.


Source: What Moms Love

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