52 Luxury Condos are Proposed for Downtown Wayne

A retail strip in downtown Wayne could see transformation. Real estate company Berger Rental Communities wants to demolish and replace six storefronts along Lancaster Avenue to become a three-story mixed-use building.

They also plan to bulldoze the apartment building on the corner of Lancaster and Louella Avenues. The three story-brick building between Gap and Playa Bowls will not be knocked down. The real estate company bought the property for $4.35 million.

“We are early in the planning phase, but should we move forward with a redevelopment, we will work with the existing retail tenants … to help relocate or temporarily suspend operations while the new building is constructed,” said Berger. “As with all of our developments, we are committed to serving the Wayne community and to ensuring that our residents and tenants are happy and cared for.”

Lisa Ciccotelli of Berkshire Hathaway adds, “Another redevelopment project happening down the street is replacing the old Gap’s/Woolworth’s building that has been vacant for quite some time.”

Todd Pohlig, a home builder, is teaming up with Martin Marshall, the owner to also turn into a three-story mixed-use apartment building. Its goal is to boost foot traffic to the area.

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